Bluewater 900/900S​

Portable Smart Hydrogen Water Generator Tumbler


Blue Water

Hydrogen Water Generator Tumbler

Portable Smart Hydrogen Generator Tumbler that can use semi-permenantly


    Richly dissolved hydrogen 
 (900 - 1200 ppb)

Innovative Design
Various Displays

PEM/SPE Platunium palted
Titanium Electrode

Display 1


4 Language Voice Option

Users can choose their preferred language.

Korean / English / Chinese / Japanese

Display 2

Battery Level Indicator

You can see the battery level  without
having to worry about when to charge.

Display 3

Volume Control

Total 4 levels of volume control are possible.

Display 4

Generation Indicator

In addition to the internal LED,
electrolysis operation is displayed
for easy checking at a glance.

Enjoy Rich Hydrogen Water

It is a size suitable for carrying and is convenient to store in a bag
when going out or exercising.

Take care of your health with the Blue Water Series!​