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Water leaks when the bottle is turned over.

There is a small air outlet at the top of the bucket, so it is normal for water to leak from the sprayer when the bucket is turned over.

The air outlet is designed for the purpose of discharging gases generated during the electrolysis process.


When I press the Operation button,
bubbles are weakly generated.

The Baru is intended to be used as tap water.

Did you use purified water or bottled water instead of tap water?

exactly! Please check and use tap water.


If bubbles are weakly generated even though tap water is used, the battery may be missing.

Please use it after charging the battery.

The battery usually needs to be charged for about 4 hours to be fully charged.

Can I use purified water instead of tap water?

Tap water is recommended by all HOCL generator manufacturers.

The reason is that there is residual chlorine in the tap water, which increases
the sterilization power of the HOCL generator

However, if it is difficult to use tap water, you can use it.

However, if it is not tap water, sterilizing power can be reinforced by adding a very small amount of salt.

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​The red light is on from the touch button

When the battery level is low, it is displayed in red.

It can be used for a certain period of time even in that state, but please use it after charging.

* Please stop using the baru while charging.


However, if the red button does not work or the touch is not recognized, please apply for AS through customer inquiry along with the status.

I received the product, but there is water in the bottle

It is a normal product that moisture remains occasionally.

Before shipment, product tests are conducted once more and then packaging is performed.

All products are tested as new and sent out, so products with moisture are normal new products.

Water is leaking from the bottom of the product.

If water leaks on the bottom of the electrolyzer

Cracks may have occurred due to external impact.


Please submit a repair request with phone number/name/address through the customer inquiry board.