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The water leaking when the product is flipped

There is small air vent hole, so the water may leak through the air vent hole on the lid. 
It is designed for discharging the gas which is generated during the electrolysis


The bubble is weak or no bubble while operating device

(HOCL water maker / HOCL water flosser)

Please check if it is tap water. 
If the battery is insufficient, it may cause. 
Please charge the device over 4 hours. 

Or if there is foreign substance in electrode, it may cause. 
Please clean the electrode


Is it possible to use purified water or ground water?

We highly recommend to use tap water because the chlorine ion in tap water maximize 
sterilization effect during electrolysis. 
In case of not using tap water, please add infinitesimal refined salt. 


There is red light on touch pad on product

When battery is insufficient, you can see the red light on product.
Please charge the device fully. 
* Do not use the device while it is charged. 


The moisture is remaining inside the water container​

Moisture may remain due to pre-product testing. 
This is not a defect. 


The water is leaking from the bottom of product

There might have crack on product due to external shock. 
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