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    H&CARE is dedicated for

    green environment


    H&CARE always consider human health and environment as our priority

    Through the entire process for H&CARE's product, and service

    to lead development of green environment.

    H&CARE is dedicated for

    green environment

    에이치앤케어는 환경과 인류의 건강을

    최우선으로 생각하며 정직하고 투명함을

    원칙으로 하는 경영철학을 바탕으로

    고객과 인류의 건강을 위하는 기업입니다. 

    We Are

    H&CARE Co., Ltd

    We H&CARE, introduces various products since the

    establishment with our spirit  of challenge, honest and innovaation.

    H&CARE will continue to put our customer's value first

    and won't be afraid to challenge various change and

    strive for sustainable society.


    Our Sustainability

    Good Health and Well-Being

    The hydrogen water from the Hydrogen Water Tumbler

    removes active oxygen and gives vitality to the body,

    while water electrolytic water machine and sterilized

    water mouthwash are new alternatives to hygiene and health.

    Clean Water and Sanitation

    We have secured products and technology based on

    Clean Water and Sanitation. Our products can address

    inequality in water distribution by establishing a

    foundation for providing safe drinking water at reasonable prices.

    Affordable and Clean Energy

    With steady sales growth and the sense of Social

    Responsibility, the number of jobs we are currently

    offering has increased by 30% compared to the previous years,

    and we have plans to continue in the future.

    Peace, Justice and Strong


    Pursuant ro the Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions,

    we have never been involved in any kind of corruption.

    We have neither provided nor received bribery, inside or

    outside the Company. All memebers are making

    responsive, inclusive, participatory, and representative decision-making.

    About H&CARE

    H&CARE always grow with customer.

    We do our best to produce and develop

    which clients want


    H&CARE is focusing satisfying for eye

    and customer experience of daily

    lives without any inconvenience.


    H&CARE is confident woth our

    innovative technology based on our expert with knowledge.


    H&CARE is proud with our specialty

    and We make more effort to develop

    with our management philosophy for honest.


    Contact us



    Phone number




    If you are interested in us,

    Please contact us

     Tel.  033-731-0723

     E-mail. hncare858@naver.com


    - 315, Wonyang 2-ro, Jijeong-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

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