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    Digital Faucet Mount Water Purifier

    ✔  Replaces 1,800 plastic bottle water

    ✔  Heavy metal, micro-plastic and microbe removal

    ✔  Medical grade nano filter for great tasting water

    Mini Vitamin Shower Filter

    ✔  Rust, sand and residual chlorine 100% removal

    ✔  100% non-irritation test completed for human skin

    ✔  Sea salt, Basil, Hinoki 3 fragrance 

    Shower All In One Gift set

    ✔  Water pressure, chlorine, rust All clear 

    ✔  ECO-friendly plstic, ECOZEN, used 

    ✔  NSF, RoHS certified filter material used 

    Oral Care

    Portable HOCL water flosser_HC500

    ✔  World's first & patented HOCL water flosser

    ✔  Eliminates oral bacteria for cavities and gum-disease

    Portable HOCL water flosser_HC700

    ✔  Platinum-titanium electrode for HOCL water

      Non-contact charger and fully waterproof for safety

    Oral device sterilizer_HC800

      Remove oral device and odor on denture and retainer

      No chemical & additivies needed 

    Household HOCL Water Flosser

      HOCL water flosser & Sonic toothbrush at once

      Bluetooth system generates HOCL water automatically when start brushing

    Sonic Toothbrush

      5 various brushing mode for everyone 

      2 mins timer and quadrant pacer

    Hydrogen Water Tumbler

    One-Touch Hydrogen Water Tumbler

      Anti-oxydant, hydration and reactive oxygen removal

      PEM technology for pure hydrogen water

    Smart Hydrogen Water Tumbler

      Rich dissolved hydrogen water 1,000-1,500ppb

      Bottle gender to connect with plastic bottle easily

    Compact Hydrogen Water Tumbler

      3mins & 10mins hydrogen generating mode

      Smart LED display and 4 vaious language option

    HOCL Water Maker

    One-Touch HOCL Water Maker

      Microbubble sized electrolyzed water for deorization & sterilization

      Without any chemical, harmful bacteria removal 99.9%

    Smart HOCL Water Maker

      3 mins & 5 mins mode can choose concentration of HOCL

      Korean, English, Chinese voice guidance function

    Hydrogen Sterilized Water Mist

      700ppb of sterilized hydrogen water made

      Nano hydrogen cluster absorbed into skin 

    Multi-purpose electric sprayer

    Automatic Sprayer

      Rechargeable automatic sprayer to give free for your finger

      Great for gardening, cleaning and ironing ect. 

    Hypochlorous acid Water Generator

    Hypochlorous Acid Water Generator

    for midium & large capacity industrial

    Hypochlorous Acid Water Generator

    for home and small store

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